Private Diplomacy company
based in Washington D.C.


Classic diplomacy is no longer able to cope with contemporary challenges to humanity. The actors of contemporary international relations are based on outdated methods of diplomacy to allow negotiations incompetent and dogmatic representatives, thereby devaluing the concept and the title of "Diplomat". The crisis has reached the Olympus - the UN Security Council. On its site clashes that do not meet the level of the discussed issues for global security and for the representatives of the alleged rhetoric. But most importantly - none of today's crisis is resolved. It's time for a new method of modern diplomacy - Agile Diplomacy, which combines the highest level of expert negotiators - professionals with modern methods of diplomacy, the active use of e-diplomacy and computer modeling of the crisis. The resolution of the crisis must be favorable for the parties.

The objective of the new method is to increase the efficiency of modern diplomacy and the activation of the scientific theory of development diplomacy and related sciences. There are at least two ways to use this method: 1. Addition to the classic diplomacy (external consultant); 2. Create private diplomacy for commercial dispute resolution, crisis and conflict. The demand for an independent and effective dispute settlement is huge and has a tendency to grow. The market for private diplomacy is much wider than for private armies that have proven effectiveness, in spite of the high cost.

Agile Diplomacy flexibly and professionally analyzes, evaluates the status, conducts independent arbitration (if required), identifies the most effective ways to resolve the crisis, recommends the type of agreement which is binding on the parties, and exercises control over its execution.

Agile Diplomacy can act as independent (private) intermediary for a fee between the parties - the actors of International Relations making the resolution of the conflict economically advantageous for the parties on the basis of the transaction.

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